Saturday, January 17, 2009

UPIC's Welcome Dinner and Opening Night Ceremony

Good Evening!!!

I am at Washington, DC, ready to kick off the University Presidential Inauguration Conference (UPIC) event. To those of you home abroad whom are turning in to read my blog segment to find out what’s going on UPIC, let me welcome you, again! I’ve been here in the hotel since this early afternoon. So far, I’ve spent most of my time unpacking, I can tell you that the Marriott hotel is so beautiful and the staff is so helpful and so deaf-friendly, here.

On Saturday afternoon, I saw a few UPIC scholars milling around the lobby, but at around 5ish, I saw as many as 5,000 attendees arriving, the conference started rocking to its unique beat. Through meeting new UPIC scholars and reuniting old International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP), I began to feel more comfortable and more confident. Just as I thought about coming to this conference, I reminded myself that the experiences here are what I make of it. So, I make the most of my experiences here.

University Presidential Inaugural Conference’s Opening Night Ceremony
Many politicians regard youth voters as unimportant and unengaged voters, neither impacting the politics nor making a difference in mainstream. However, this notion is false. American youth do impact the politics, bringing the issues that affect the Americans in our today’s society to the forefront in our political system.

Mr. Russert, a recent Boston History and Communication major, became a News correspondent reporting for many of NBC’s outlets, including NBC Nightly News” Today, MSNBC and MSNB.COM. As the son of the late passing, NBC News journalist Tim Russert, Luke Russert lectured at several national political conventions, covering the general elections and, the issues of youth voting which has increased throughout the election this year. Standing near the podium, he advocated for CHANGE, addressing the issue related to youth political activism and patriotism. His uproariously funny stories of confession, apology and reconciliation of new young correspondents in the news industry interested the UPIC participants. His powerful speech, Making an Impact: The Youth Vote and Beyond has influenced us to become the next 21st century political game -changers for our communities.

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