Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toronja introduces you to Colin Powell

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”
-Colin Powel
Welcome back Fellow Friends!

Powerful leaders often are considered the ones to make huge impacts on the American political system, thusly, convincing the government to adopt their goals and initiatives, however, this notion is false. The voices and actions of Americans are as equally powerful as the politicians in making an impact on the political system in our U.S. government.
Colin Powell, the first African-American appointed to the 65TH United States Secretary of State under the former President George W. Bush Administration, a four-star General, and the Joint Chief Staff in Washington, DC has appeared before thousands of UPIC scholars, today. Colin emphasized that our volunteerism and activism skills in our U.S. government are perhaps very important.

“Let’s focus on the part about having a vision. When your vision is realized by others, others will change the society with your idea” urged Colin. He also emphasized that American people shall poise a courageous attitude, trustworthy attitude and persistent attitude to overcome the odds in dealing with unexpected tasks. As our economy and financial markets struggle through unprecedented turmoil, Colin encouraged American people to come forward and serve the beautiful nation. “My experience is that in time of need the American people recognize that they have to do more than they might have done.” stressed Colin.

With his sharp wits and dynamic personae, and amazing courage, he urged leaders to build trust, to be the last to rest, and to have a coherent vision.


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