Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Deaf Community and Globalism

Today we visited the Chinese Embassy and listened to the Ministry Counselor of Congressional Affairs Zhang Ping speak about the development and modernization of China over the years since Xiaoping Deng brought his transformative policies into action.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because just last night, I had viewed the Chinese superstar Jackie Chan sign in a commercial for 2009 Deaflympics in Taipei.
You can view the commercial below. Seeing Jackie Chan filled me with deep pride as a deaf person and I salute Jackie Chan for getting involved with such an important international event for the deaf. When sign language is given greater exposure, it increases higher awareness in the public about deaf people, our culture, our needs, and accessibility.

Today, the world is becoming increasingly connected through globalism. What is the deaf version of globalism?

Throughout thousands of years, humanity has always had deafness. It happens in every culture, every continent, and every country. And whenever deaf people travel, the experience of being deaf is an instant reason to bond and become friends. There is a special kind of warmth that members of the international deaf community extend to one another. Deaf communities in one country will always be concerned about the welfare of deaf people in other countries. That’s our kind of globalism. Being deaf transcends the boundaries of countries, cultures, and languages.

I know this blog is viewed by the international deaf community. I’ve gotten emails and comments from people in Australia, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Thailand, and more. The people I’m able to meet and connect with are so diverse. The range of readership I’m able to reach out to is huge and it’s simply because I am deaf. I view the world through a very unique set of lens. That’s why I consider the fact that I was born deaf truly a blessing. So many opportunities have come to me that I wouldn’t have if I was hearing. The only hard part is convincing the greater world that there is nothing wrong with being deaf.


Dan Nieman said...

I suffer from low vision. The blind community has a similiar concern for the welfare of the blind worldwide.

ecnarb said...

True-business champ
Me kiss-fist!
Thank you!