Sunday, January 11, 2009

CNN's Dana Bash Speaks

A video of Dana Bash's appearance before us this morning. No transcript because sound is provided and sign language interpreter is visible.

CNN’s Dana Bash speaks to the student audience at The Washington Center’s seminar. It was lovely to hear her speak but I especially liked this part from the beginning. In this video, Dana Bash spoke to us about her college internship in 1993 when she was responsible for feeding news scripts into the teleprompter and massively screwed up. The anchor yelled at her and promised that her first day would also be her last day on the job.

However, that same anchor later became her mentor and Bash went on to a very successful career in political news coverage.

She became the Senior Congressional Correspondent for CNN in December 2008. Bash was a member of the “Best Political Team on Television” and covered candidates for Election 2008, the mid-term elections of 2006, the 2004 Presidential Election. She also reported on major stories for CNN such as Hurricane Katrina, the CIA leak investigation, and the capture of Saddam Hussein. She was also at the Capitol on September 11, 2001. (Source: The Washington Center's Speaker Biographies)

The moral of her story in this video?

Get up after you skin your knees and keep on going :-)

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