Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inaugural Tidbits

I got to admit something. I usually assume that most of my readers know DeafRead and read my entries from there. Therefore, I automatically assume that I shouldn’t repeat the information from other deaf blogs that also mention political stuff, relevant issues, and talk about the Inauguration as well.

However, it has come to my attention that there is also a substantial amount of readership from outside the mass. I believe that no readers, whether or not if they come from or outside of, should be left behind when it comes to deaf political consciousness.

Therefore, I will start linking to other blog entries that are relevant. This will show much of the world that the deaf community truly does have an unique and differing perspectives on the political process of America and beyond! For this entry, I’d like to focus on Inaugural tidbits!

I am also pleased to announce that for the second time in one school year, The Deaf Perspective is featured in the official Gallaudet University blog “Inside Gallaudet.” You can read the article about the Gallaudet delegation to The Washington Center’s Presidential Academic Seminar for Inauguration 2009 and my blog there.

The Deaf Perspective’s Inaugural Tidbits:

  • (Edit) Obama’s name-sign for the signing community is discussed in this vlog.
  • Illinois School for the Deaf saw the beginning of their beloved formed Senator’s historical campaign for the President. They were there for it all through the campaign, and now for the Inauguration – 32 of the Illinois School for the Deaf’s students will be going to Washington DC, staying at the world’s only liberal arts university for the deaf, and watching Barack Obama get sworn in as the 44th President of America! They are blogging about it daily, as well.
  • Everywhere, we see the inspirational mantra being repeated again and again on t-shirts, posters, buttons, hats, and more. “Martin Luther King JR: The Dreamer. Barack Obama: The Dream.” Now, this blogger has Martin Luther King JR’s original speech in closed captions.
  • NAD’s Advocacy Blog is the best blog to go to regarding information for Inauguration day and ADA issues. Here, they write about where the ADA accessible places are for Inauguration Day.
  • Not in Washington DC? Watching the Inauguration online via live stream is possible with closed captions. Courtesy of Jared Evans’ blog.
  • This article shows the deaf perspective – exclusively RIT/NTID – on the Inauguration, talking about the alumni who are involved.

Ok, I’m out for the night. More later! :-)


gnarlydorkette said...
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gnarlydorkette said...

Hello Leah--

I want to state that I didn't decide the name sign for our new president. With an innocent intention of sharing a class project, the whole thing got blown out of proportions. I appreciate if you will adjust your statement to clarify that my video was not the final decision of President Obama's name sign. I strongly encourage you to link other vlogs where the name sign is discussed as well--

Mkrajnak@youtube "Sign Name for Obama?"

@Annie Marie's metaASL

and more, which I couldn't find at the moment.

Thank you.

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