Friday, January 9, 2009

LIVE DEAF CAMPAIGN COVERAGE returns for the Presidential Inauguration 2009!!

Hello everybody!

First of all, may I ask your forgiveness for my extended break from b/vlogging since the Election Day. Heavy schooling and other projects came into picture. What was I doing, really, else than working on my academics (by the way, I made the Dean’s List at Gallaudet)? I was most intent on applying for and getting accepted into...

The Presidential Academic Seminar for Inauguration 2009.

Wait, isn’t that kind of the same program as the one I went to at Denver for Democratic National Convention 2008?

Yes, it’s organized by The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, same as the DNC 08 program. The structure will be slightly similar, although the event is different (DNC... Inauguration). For a two week period, I will have lecture series in the morning with highly distinguished guest speakers. In the afternoon, discussions and classes will be held by the university faculty leader. For Gallaudet University’s delegation, there will be 10 deaf students attending the Inauguration program and the faculty leader is Dr. Frances Marquez of the Government Department.

At DNC 08, the greatest experience was the hands-on, eyes-seeing chance to actively participate with the volunteer program. I was able to see everything up close and truly apply what I had learned from the lecture series. This year, because of the “unprecedented demand” (as quoted by The Washington Center), there will be so many students attending the Inauguration program that The Washington Center cannot guarantee volunteer opportunities. But that won’t stop us from seeing, listening, and learning massive amounts over the next two weeks as the world counts down to Barack Obama’s presidency!

And it is with great honor that I am pleased to bring you live daily coverage of my experience, just as I did with DNC 08 and Election day... though bilingual posts in both ASL and English of course!

Long live democracy and see you tomorrow,

Leah Katz-Hernandez

(A little picture in honor of the soon-to-be First Family)

We're going to the White House!


Susie G said...

Hi and Happy New Year - Is there any chance we could use your articles for translation for We would love to be able to have a politics strand in from a USA perspective. My hubbie and I were in Maine during the election process - it was so exciting. From the accross the pond - Susie (UK)

Leah Katz-Hernandez said...

SURE!! by all means, go ahead use whatever material you want from this blog. it is for everybody :-)