Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Greetings After Hiatus - The Next Step


I'm sure you've all been wondering where I have been?

Well, I've been busy... In addition to school and work, here's what I've been up to.

Summer 2009: Internship with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and American Association of People with Disabilities. Also attended New Latino Movement's events for Sonia Sotomayor.

Fall 2009: I spoke at AAPD's luncheon in support of their internship program and also at Georgetown University. Applications and applications for jobs. Wrote a bi-weekly political commentary column for the university newsletter The Buff and Blue.

Spring 2010: Became a new member of AT&T's Advisory Panel on Access and Aging. Applied for more jobs and internships. I also spoke at FCC's broadband conference on disability access as a panelist. Modeled for Betsey Johnson (Quite a story about that).

After a hiatus from this blog, I'm glad to announce a merger of "The Deaf Perspective" with DYUSA's website. The new blog will be called "Our Perspective" and cover local issues as well as national issues in political participation and deaf youth issues. As you know, I've always been a strong supporter of vlogs. Unfortunately, at the moment it seems difficult for me to post up vlogs and photos on the new blog. Keep on checking back for when I post up new entries in both English and ASL!

Best of wishes to you all and keep on getting involved!

It's 2010!

- Leah