Monday, January 12, 2009

Leah Katz-Hernandez: Asking a Question About Bobby Kennedy

No transcript because voice interpretation is provided and sign language is visible.

I asked Bob Beckel, a veteran of over 100 political campaigns, about his beginnings when he first got his start as a volunteer for Bobby Kennedy's presidential campaign. I got a very good and heartfelt reply in return.

My question: "You started your career in politics as a volunteer for Bobby Kennedy. How did it affect you as a young person when he was killed? Did it make you disillusioned or did it strengthen your resolve, regarding America's ability to 'come together'?"

From the Speaker Biographies:

Bob Beckel: Volunteered for Bobby Kennedy in 1968. Credited with bringing "Where's the Beef?" into widespread awareness as a political slogan. Was the National Campaign Manager for walter Mondale in 1984. In 1988, became a television commentator for ABC News. Work in media include: Democratic political analyst for CBS This Morning, guest host for Larry King Live, co-host of CNN's Crossfire Sunday, United States political analyst for ITN of Britain, and is right now a senior on-air political commentator for FOX News.

Cal Thomas: One of the most well respected conservative voices in the media. Has an USA today feature: Common Ground. His forappears weekly on FOX show "Fox News Watch." Was honored with a Cable Ace Award for Best Interview Program. His twice-weekly column appears in over 500 newspapers worldwide.


RLM said...


You did not disclose any related information what kind of conference or name of conference.

Thanks in advance.


Leah Katz-Hernandez said...


Sorry if you didn't see this blog entry in which I explained about the present Inauguration program that I am attending, hosted by The Washington Center.

All information is in there.

- Leah

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