Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Leah Katz-Hernandez: The First 100 Days (And SNOW!!)


Leah Katz-Hernandez: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the beautiful Capitol – on a snowy day. You can see the snow blanketing it all over... How nice! I remember when I was a little girl, there was a picture in my grandfather’s office of the Capitol thickly covered in snow. I always looked at it and admired how beautiful it looked, wondering when I would be in the picture itself. And now here I am!

Anyway, I want to explain more about Obama’s “First 100 Days.” What does that mean? The concept of the “first 100 days” started with FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). You know, he was president during the times of Great Depression and World War II. He really was successful because in his first 100 days of his term, he made a lot of progress and he got 15 major bills passed and a lot of other projects finished. He really ran through it. The people looked at his progress and were impressed with how he was so productive, so effective. It helped him to have greater general confidence in his performance. That perception was important because it enabled him to accomplish more for the rest of his term(s). And so that was also applied to other presidents after FDR. Basically, the “first 100 days” means something like a “grading period” in which a president is being scrutinized for his job performance, how well he does, how much he gets accomplished, etc. If he does well, then that means that he will be more likely to receive greater support and positive public opinion and it’ll be easier for him to get things done for the rest of his term. If a president struggles during that time – like Jimmy Carter, he encountered problems and setbacks during his first 100 days – then it’ll cause further difficulties and problems for the president and make it harder for him to get things done in the administration. So that’s why the “first 100 days” is important. President Obama has gotten some things done lately, a lot of major stuff he’s trying to do now. So I want you to keep on watching. Keep your opinion broad. Watch closely and be critical. What do you think??? Be serious and think deeply about it... Because the “first 100 days” is truly one of the most important days of his entire administration. Thank you!


. said...

Obama Makes History... Breaks US Debt Record In Just 30 Days! And we got 90 more days to go.

The debt currently being run up by the Obama administration exceeds anything in our peacetime history in at least the last 5 decades making Bush last 8 years tame by comparison.

In other words, you MUST consider the interest to be paid from the near $800 billion dollar "stimulus" because money is being borrowed. Just like you borrow money to buy a $200,000 house you MUST pay interest. With almost $800 billion dollars with interest means that the actual "stimulus" price tag is worth $3.27 trillion dollars. Money WE DO NOT HAVE!!!

That's the equivalent of a little over $1 million dollar debt for each person living in the United States with a population of 300 million people.

You, your kids, your grand kids and great, great grand kids will be stuck with this bill!!

Here's another chart.

Plus, the spending plan is filled with pork. Each job it create will cost between $400,000 to $800,000 (depending on Obama's 3 million jobs created with plus or minus that amount stated).

Plus, the Obama administration hired former lobbyists, tax cheats and the likes AFTER he signed the ethics bill saying he won't hire former lobbyists. Be he did and he waived 17 times the ethics rule in order to appoint someone in a prestigious and crucially important position. Obama picked Geither, a tax cheat who owed $$$thousands of dollars from years before never paid up and he is now head of the IRS Treasury Department!! And then you have Tom Daschle who owed over $120,000 in back taxes, interest AND penalties from several years worth who almost got the job as Obama's pick for secretary of Health and Human Services.

You have an Obama administration that LIED when they said that bipartisanship would important and a goal back in Nov 2008 but Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and many others shut out Republicans in the actual negotiation process in helping craft a better bill for Americans.

And when the bill was supposedly "finalized" (without any Republican inputs) Democrats refused to provide a copy to America and Republicans and give them 48 hours to look at it and make comment. They lied and that never happened despite Congress voted on this and agreed to have that 48 hours notification period. Obama administration lied about this and they said they'd be the most transparent government? Obama's going the opposite direction!

Then you have Obama who moved the Census responsibility from the Dept. of Commerce to the White House. A Constitutional violation and an obvious attempt to try and game the numbers for the future for redistricting purposes.

It just goes on and on and on.

Leah, it is YOUR responsibility to inform your readers about these things. I believe you know all this is happening and choose to do say nothing about these things. All this happened within 30 days. What we have is not a transparent government. Not even an ethical government.


Leah Katz-Hernandez said...


Thank you for your input.

I consider it not only my responsibility to encourage deaf people to "wake up" to the world of politics and realize that we can have a seat at the table, but also all of ours.

I am glad for the conservative viewpoint you have. On this blog, however, I strive for an educational neutral/moderate viewpoint on this blog with the goal of getting deaf people involved on both sides.

I do, however, encourage discussion and for topics to be brought up about politics for deaf people to talk about out there in the community! The more people are interested in politics, better for all of us!

- Leah

. said...

Thank you but you have not discussed any issues that I've described earlier. If hypocrisy is staring right at you then you do not ignore it or attempt to stay "neutral" but confront it, question it. Now matter how you slice it staying neutral means to abandon any sense of responsibility. Otherwise this gives people the appearance that you support Obama's unethical and hypocrite actions.