Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Entry into the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC)

Dear Fellow Americans,

It is so wonderful to return to the Deaf Perspective! As a Deaf Perspective contributor, my blog's purpose is to give both the deaf and hearing community a unique perspective on my Washington DC internship experience this summer. I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to partake in the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars program (TWC). Since, I have a flair for blogging and would like to share my experience throughout my time in Washington, D.C with other deaf and hard of hearing individuals, I feel that I have an equal obligation to give this opportunity a try. My intent has always been to focus on my exciting and interesting internship experience, my academic involvement, and my seminar participation all in Washington, DC. It has always been my goal to create a comprehensive portrait of myself- a Deaf African-American woman who has developed a strong and a serious interest in the field of National Security/Law. Since, I have witnessed firsthand of some of the nation’s darkest and brightest moments since 9/11, I can effectively deliever a powerful and divided opinion on each issue. At the pinnacle, I can also provide you my scholastic perspective of how I view the issues facing in the field of National Security along with the current political process in the Obama’s Presidency. As an individual, I always have a zealous effort to educate, inspire and motivate other deaf and hard of hearing children and youth to excel in the same way tremendously. My rock-solid foundation of positive influence underlies my every step I have taken, including my entry into TWC program, which is just a couple miles away from the nation’s Capitol. This summer, I will participate in the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars’ Law and Criminal Justice program, in which I will become closely acquainted with the people, places, and policies unique to the nation's capitol and get involved in the programming events such as the U.S. Supreme Court and the Pentagon, as well as workshops, and panel discussions.

As a Deaf African-African woman, I will make a tremendously impact on the important people in which I meet such as the diplomats, senior officials, military officials and congressmen on the Capitol Hill. To these important people, I stand out from among the rest of the other interns as well. Additionally, I will also have an academic class entitled Managing the American Intelligence Community. In this class, I will learn about the growth of the American intelligence apparatus and the effect of politics on intelligence. I hope that my overall internship program would enable me to think on my feet, and to explain complex subjects clearly and simply. But, I already know that I would be very passionate with my academic research on the National Security issues. Whatever, I decide, I will undoubtedly delve into it with the same enthusiasm and drive with which I have approached everything else. And, Deaf people “can do anything but hear”--- so, I am confident that I will accomplish a lot in this internship experience. I hope that by making this internship experience a rich and rewarding one, I may become that individual of American achievement.

Toronja W.