Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toronja Williams' UPIC Panel Selection: All's Fair in Love, War and Politics

From attending a very interesting and a very important workshop hosted by two hard-core politicians, the youthful audience felt a wave of excitement from listening to these politicians. Politician, James Carville, a democratic strategist and CNN political contributor and politician, Mary Matalin, a commentator and former assistant to President George W. Bush, both have arrived to the University Presidential Inauguration Conference (UPIC) to present their stories.

As in the historical politics of the Deaf People, we as Deaf individuals, are in conflict with ourselves when we identify ourselves as partly Deaf and partly Hard of Hearing, similarly, this couple is also at the opposite end of the political spectrum, James supported the Democratic Party whereas Mary supported the Republican Party (interesting twists, here!). Taking turns to speak at the podium, Mr. Carville and Ms. Matalin divulged about their two-party feuds in a co-authored book, All’s Fair; Love, war and Running for President, an olympic-winning book on the New York Bestseller List this year.

In the presentation, Mr. Carville and Ms. Matalin explained stories of trumping the individual differences in their relationships, for example, they were dating across different party ideological lines, such as their political views differ significantly from their own. The stunning details of their everyday pressures and of their everyday recounting moments of power plays; and of the clandestine maneuvers of Americans politicians and the near disasters and triumphs of presidential campaigns all have brought us on a “rollercoaster moment”, keeping us strappily tightened in our chairs throughout the show.

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