Monday, January 19, 2009

Leah Katz-Hernandez: Grassroots Leadership Award


(Video begins with panning of beautiful courtyard greenery)

Leah: Hello, hello!! See, I’m wearing a pretty dress... Why am I wearing a pretty dress? Because I’m at the Latino Inaugural Celebration at the Organization of American States. This is considered something like the United Nations of (United States of) America and all the other nations of the South America and all that. So we’re celebrating the Latino involvement with America’s historical election of Barack Obama. Why was I invited? Why did I get two tickets here? It’s because I was honored with an award... So, why did I get this award? It says “Local Grass Roots Leadership 2009” ... 2009, yeah. It’s basically because I worked hard to encourage the participation of all people – deaf, hearing, or whatever you call yourself – it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you get involved with politics. And you VOTE. So I was encouraging all that and they decided to recognize me for that. I was so touched, inspired, and flattered! I want to say... why? Why did I get this award? Is it simply because of what I did? NO. It’s because of YOU. YOUR attention helped me reach greater prominence. It’s because I felt it was really important that all of you GET involved in the political process. Therefore, when I got recognized – they recognized all of you, too. Your connection, your desire to get involved all truly validated. So I really feel that this award is in honor of all of you. I want to truly thank all of you. I really look forward to more political participation with you!! It doesn’t matter if you’re deaf, hearing, or more labels... WE CAN!!!


LaRonda said...

Leah, this is wonderful! We in the deaf community are proud of you! This is your shining moment. You have bragging rights. (smile)

Congratulations! Keep up the great leadership!

~ LaRonda

drmzz said...

Hello Lean, I enjoy your vlogs that you shared with us lately. You gave us a glimpse of what's going on at the east coast. BTW, you look very nice and an inspiration to many of us. Congrats on the award, you greatly deserve it!

cuong aka buzz said...

congrat on your award. you deserve it.

wow, you look good in that nice dress.

you have shown true passion in your leadership that counted.

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