Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank you

“Thank you!”

That’s a word I’ve been saying a lot in the past two days due to the public relations about my Local Grassroots Leadership award. I was already deeply honored by getting the award but having people come up to me from left and right to congratulate me as I was going through my day, finding emails from professors in nearly every department, and getting such kind comments and emails from the internet world – it hit me that I really credit my award to many others, not just myself.

I credit my personality and tough working ethic to my family – especially my parents, who have raised and seen me through the good and bad. Their unconditional love and support is really the reason why I have managed to get through busy schedules to contribute as much as I can. Also, this blog would not exist if not for my father’s casual, almost offhand suggestion that I take along a small white Flip video-camera to the Democratic National Convention to do vlogs. I never imagined how monumental that suggestion turned out to be. I am deeply grateful to my family for everything, from my DNA to their love to the fabulous home cooked meals whenever I visit the family.

I credit my post-secondary education and opportunities to Gallaudet University – especially the wonderful professors. Nowhere else will you find more outstanding faculty with diverse backgrounds who have different things to bring to the table that truly benefit the students. I’ve enjoyed deep conversations, moral mentoring, been inspired, been intensely simulated in classes, and received excellent opportunities in academic programs offered.

What is so wonderful about Gallaudet University? Often, people everywhere will say – “Because it’s the only liberal arts university for the deaf in the world

There are too many reasons why Gallaudet University is a great place to be. For one, it’s located in Washington DC – the political center of happenings. The direct access to communication on campus cannot be beaten. Everybody understands the culture of deaf people here. The fabric of social networking and the people you’ll meet are without boundaries. The rich history is also something of deep pride to all of the Gallaudet University community.

President Barack Obama has a deep reverence for one of the greats – Abraham Lincoln. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln signed the charter for Gallaudet University? The aura of political greatness hangs over Gallaudet University. However, now is the perfect time for us to internalize the admiration we have for our icons and go out and be great ourselves. We are the ones we have been waiting for. It’s time for us to take on the responsibility of the world and go out to work hard to help make the world a better place for the next generation.

I remember President Robert Davila once said something along the lines of (I cannot find the source of the quote, but it never left my mind): “Before Gallaudet University, deaf people could not have access to higher education. After Gallaudet University, deaf people have gone on to be professors, administrators, doctors, lawyers, scientists, and more.

I want to take this time to thank Gallaudet University for all the opportunities they have given me.

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