Monday, January 12, 2009

Serge Okogo: Obama's Economic Stimulus Package

Serge Okogo is a student at Gallaudet University from Gabon, Africa. He is one of the 8 Gallaudet University students attending the Presidential Academic Seminar for Inauguration 2009. Here, he asks both Bob Beckel and Cal Thomas about Obama's Economic Stimulus Package.


Anonymous said...

It's understandable that Democrats resist Obama's proposal about economic stimulus package as they had to bear beats by the Republicans during Bush's eight years governance. But yet we should not take a revenge on Republicans by resisting the package since it's about people and not politicians. As Obama repeated in the past, we should act as Americans and not as Republicans or Democrats. If Democrats want to prove they are party of people, then prove it by making sure that people and business will profit from the stimulus package. In my opinion, small and mid-size businesses should profit from the plan only because big companies have gotten enough support from the government. Entrepreneurs are those who uplift the economics, hence they need the support. Whether economy will improve after people have gotten the stimulus package, it will prove over time. I am skeptical as people may save the money or will pay off bills; if that scenario will occur, economy will not strive. Hence, I think the best approach is to invest in shabby infrastructure to spark the economy and at the same time business will profit from the top-notch infrastructure. Furthermore, many people in the US tend to act in short-term way, and they need to get used to think long-term because it will take long time to revive economy.

Ric said...

I am soooo looking forward to the new ways of thinking that President Obama will bring to Washington DC. This tit-for-tat way of acting and reacting is why nothing gets done in Washington. We need to think first of the country. As Mr. Obama had said: "There is THE United States" we are all a part of it and need to start going beyond party politics to achieve something that benefits us all