Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toronja Williams' UPIC Panel Selection: Digital Democracy: The Web's Impact and Politics

Web Advertising: A New Breakthrough in Technology
The Digital Democracy: The Web's Impact and Politics workshop has fueled my inner passion and creativity in political advertising. Mike Krempasky, a founder of and a Political Director at American Target Advertisement taught UPIC scholars about volunteer internet activism and conservative grassroots activism through using technology. As a patron saint of the blogosphere nation, Mike Krempasky has strongly encouraged UPIC scholars to campaign through using the internet.
Although, many political candidates object to being made the target of advertising designed to cast them in an adverse light, but such advertising actually benefits its targets because most elections have been won by candidates who were the targets of that kind of advertising. Therefore, investigative blogosphere journalism, containing interviews, profiles and guest columns actually does bring benefits to the politicians. Similarly, as in Deaf culture, I know that most Deaf companies consider the use of technology as beneficial when they use video phones, blackberry phones, etc., for web advertisements.
Mr. Krempasky has also convinced us that technology advertisements were slightly better than the traditional advertisements for example, magazines, newspapers, new broadcasting segments, which most voters used to learn about their candidates, thusly, have increased the ballot votes. This workshop was entirely awesome, thus, giving me new ideas for using the vlog/blog, today.

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