Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What an eventful night in SLCC!

Just as the seconds were being counted down "New Years Eve"-style, the biggest TV screen on campus went dark suddenly. The room erupted into chaos and confusion and some people immediately went to smaller televisions in adjacent hallways and rooms. Then they ran out shouting OBAMA IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT! ITS DONE!! over and over again.

There was still more disbelief, many people did not immediately cheer at the same time. Some people let a smile grow over their faces, some shouted, some cheered, and even more stampeded to the smaller televisions - abandoning the biggest TV screen on campus. SLCC may have been the place for our historical night, but the biggest TV screen on campus did not claim the prize for being the exact TV to report Barack Obama's presidency.

Many people huddled together, smiled, congratulated each other, and broke out into spontaneous high fives and hugs for strangers. Then we all went back to the biggest TV screen on campus for John McCain's speech, which was moving and very well done. The anticipation built up and up for Barack Obama's speech.

Then he walked onstage with his family. The deaf people in SLCC, on Gallaudet University campus, broke out into loud applause. Some of us supported John McCain, quite a number of us supported Barack Obama - but by the end of his moving speech, we were all reminded: We are all Americans. Our union can be perfected.

For the deaf community, we have greater hope now. All we need to do is move towards it, to have faith and work hard for the greater good.

Yes we can.

Yes we can.

Yes we can.


ck said...


Now that the election is over, I wanted from the bottom of my heart (and other hearts who felt the same) to thank you publicly here for your efforts in doing this blog reporting from the "center" of action at Denver, various campaign/polling places, and finally at SLCC on Kendall Green.

You are a beacon of hope for the future of Deaf America and I hope many deaf children will emulate you and follow your steps. I trust you have learned so much and may others learn from you. Most importantly, maybe someday you and other young deaf Americans enter politics like never before we see in the good old/new U.S. of A.

Most sincerely yours 3K miles away,

Charles Katz

Leah Katz-Hernandez said...

thanks! its all for the deaf and hearing community that i maintain this blog. the hearing community deserves to see what happens inside the deaf community in the political sense and the deaf community deserve to be updated and learn about political activism.

vis a vis, its for greater good both ways. the only thing i hope that will be truly successful is the higher turnout of deaf voters and increased interest in politics.