Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is How You Can Thank Me

Today, I woke up knowing that it was a historical day.

November 5, 2008.

Still, time doesn't stop. Life goes on. I'm still just a college student. I've got classes to worry about, professors to please, and grades to make. I went to all of my morning classes and as soon as my final morning class ended at 11 AM today, I immediately hurried over to the university bookstore to grab a piece of newspaper. To my surprise, there were no newspaper. I know today was a historical day but I had still some faith that the stock would be enough to last for few hours in the morning. I was wrong.

I asked the workers at bookstore and they said that newspapers had run out in the first hour. Throughout the rest of the day, I checked SEVEN different locations and no November 5th 2008 newspapers were in sight.

I even paged my family in Maryland, asking them to get some newspapers - the reply from my mother was that she had gone to 711, CVS, and food stores and they were all OUT.

It's becoming increasingly clear that today's such a historical day that the newspapers have run out of stock rapidly. Therefore, I have a suggestion for you - my dear readers.

I've gotten many comments and emails thanking me for my blog work. They all mean a great deal to me and I want to say that it's out of sheer passion and pleasure that I maintain this blog for you, the hearing and deaf community. I truly do believe that the deaf rightly deserve to have a place at the table and be part of the conversation about politics in America... It's just a matter of getting there.

Now, there is one way you can express your gratitude to me. One way you can pay me back.

You can buy me a November 5th 2008 newspaper and send it to me.

:-) That's all I ask of you, my dear readers. Otherwise, keep on reading and being involved in American politics!!


Marisa said...

I HAVE! :-D email me your address.

Ric said...

OK gurl,
I got you a paper