Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leah Katz-Hernandez: IN the Polling Places

Some advice about voting. I tell you what it's like in person. I'm a first time voter!


We began filming inside the polling center, but learned quickly that it is against the law to film inside the building due to voter intimidation. We decided to move the filming location outside of the building. As I said in the polling center, I recently voted! When I was voting, realized the sample ballots are very useful. This sample ballot contains detailed information regarding which platform best suits you and is a helpful guide when making decisions in the voting booth. The law allows you to bring that with you when voting. I encourage you, when you go and vote, find the sample ballot and bring it with you as you vote. When I arrived, I was lucky the line was not that long, and now look at the number of people lined up to vote.

Today is a good day to go outside and exercise your basic American voting rights!

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