Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For the Deaf Republicans... What to Do Now?

So you’re a firebrand Republican, your heart filled with the color red, and you voted for McCain/Palin. Some of you, like quite few Republicans I personally know, crossed party lines and voted for Obama. But you’re not willing to let go of your Republican brand and political identity. That’s fine.

It’s important that you keep on calling yourself a Republican. No wait, make that a Deaf Republican.

It’s more important than you realize to be a Deaf Republican at this turning point in American politics. Why? Because things are changing and both political parties are at the point where they have to embrace change – either by choice or not by choice.

It’s prime time for you.

The most crucial thing for you to do as a Deaf Republican: Don’t give up. The worst thing you can do for yourself, your deaf community, and your political party at this moment is to give up your interest in politics or activism out of disappointment at the election results.

What’s more, it’s a rich opportunity for YOU the Deaf Republicans to enter the party. You can be part of the resurgence of the Republican Party and in return you will get the respect and ears of the Republican party. Our deaf issues needs to be heard and taken into serious consideration by both parties.

The reason why it’s so important for deaf people to get involved with both parties is because if deaf community chooses to become overly involved in “one party,” then the deaf community will lose allies with the another party.

Here's a good piece about how the GOP - "Grand Old Party" Republicans can "get back in the game."


Be proactive, be strong and impressive, and get involved with your own party!


RLM said...

Just embrace the Obama presidency as a dutiful American(s)!


Ric said...

What does it mean to be a Republican when they have been acting more like socialist in their support of bailing out the banks and financial institutions? Their argument that the election of Barack Obama is support for the notion that the country is Center-Right is wrong. People want decent health care, good schools, security in their jobs and in their homes, and a fair tax system that does not burden the middle class to the benefit of 1 percent of high income earners. If that is 'Center-Right' then we should welcome the Republicans to the Democratic side of the aisle.
I believe the Republicans need to recognize a sea-change that has occurred in the US and the youth of today are at the front of this change.