Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Deafread's editors will NOT publish everything I write.

So I strongly encourage you to click on the "The Deaf Perspective" link on top of this blog so you may view all of my blog entries. Or just bookmark my blog and check back on it frequently. Some of the entries I've posted include really important information, such as advice on voting and Election day, but due to Deafread's strict standards on publication - whenever something is not related to deaf issues, it will not be published.

So this is a reminder to you to keep on checking my blog in its entirety. Thanks!

And of course...



RLM said...


I already voted last two weeks ago in Northern Virginia.

I am very nervous about the presidential election results unlike in my entire life!

Do you know any gathering site for deaf people in DC area for watching the election results?

I plan to attend two deaf parties tonight, but seems too far for me to go there. Too much hassles to get there!


JR said...

I know,

It's one of the most annoying things about Deafread - they don't have a category for Deaf bloggers which will enable people to see every post created by that blogger.

Why is this annoying? Because those of us who discuss Deafhood feel that there is a Deaf perspective on issues which is distinct from perspectives in other communities. By keeping such a narrow focus, Deafread gives a false view of the Deaf community and Deaf people. After all, the title does not say, "DEAFREAD: blogs and vlogs about Deaf issues," it says "deaf blogs and vlogs" - leading an uninitiated person to think that this is all Deaf people talk about and are interested in.