Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 5th: Student from Chad Reacts

I videotaped a variety of reactions around Gallaudet campus to Barack Obama's election on November 5th.


Le Toudjida Allara: Hello, my name is Le Toudjida Allara and Im from Chad, Africa. Yesterday I watched at the meeting as the announcement was made about the president-elect. And who was it? Obama wins. Oh?? Wow! It's great. Really, I supported both... neutral. I watched both political parties' philosophies, their politics, and their strategies for the future. I think that both candidates had good strategies, yes, but I looked at Obama and he was such a good speaker and he had good plans on the economy, specifically. McCain had a good plan but his strategy on economy wasn't all that good. Obama, oh yeah, he was better and more clear on explaining himself. I really liked his philosophies, his economy plans, and I can see his influence on the people of the world, too. I hope that when Obama becomes president, he will do good. Yeah.

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