Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4th

It's here!!

After many months of speculation, excitement, and crazy events... It's finally here. The day of decision. It's time for America to go to the booths and choose their next President of United States. Not only that but also the Senators and House Representatives who will control the legislation for the next four years.

Aren't you proud to be finally here? To finally see this moment?

I sure am!

And I'm going to share it with you. Today my plans are to go vote in person at my local polling place. I won't be alone.... my family will be voting today, also. My mother, my father, and my two younger brothers. I will also volunteer my time with Judy Stout, who is District 39 precinct official in Montgomery County, Maryland. I'm going to see in person for the first time, up close to the polling, booths, and the whole shebang. And good news for all of you! I'm going to bring along my trusty video camera and digital camera so I may update my blog as soon as possible.

At 7 pm, the doors will open at the historic Sorenson Language and Communication Center building at Gallaudet University - so renowned for its unique Deaf-space architecture - for an all-night Election Watch Party. I'll be there, mingling with my college peers and anxiously watching the television as the polls close. I'll be bringing you the scene from there, too.

November 4th is here.

Let the blitz begin.

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