Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 5th 2008: The Newspapers Are All Gone at Bison Shop


Nick: Hello, my name is Nick.

Norah: And my name is Norah.

Nick: We're here in the Bison Shop. Now, I'd like to explain about something amazing. Today is November 5th 2008, the day before the election.

Norah: No, after the election!

Nick: Oh, I meant AFTER the election! Haha, anyway who won the election? Obama is the President. And what happened??? Look at the newspapers

(Shot of empty newspaper stand)

Nick: It's all GONE! It was emptied in less than half a hour when this store first opened today. And still, so many people came here asking for newspapers. We have nothing left, nothing. I had to apologize. It's Obama! And it's all gone.

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