Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Judy Stout: Long Lines on Election Day!

Judy Stout describes her role in local politics and talks about the extremely long lines due to massive turnout. This was taken at 7:45 AM today.


Judy Stout: Hello, I’m Judy Stout. I’m precinct chair of here, 9-26th of District 39. I’ve been the chair for almost one year now. I was involved with voter registration last January. Oh, that was a cold day! I was there all day from 6 AM until 6 PM, when we had to stop. Today’s a really special day! I’ve never seen so many people, they’re lining up so long all the way to outside!! This is a historical moment – for both parties! The minority ticket is there. It’s amazing. It’s thrilling. And I’m also thrilled to have Leah Katz-Hernandez here with us today, helping out and working to pass out the fliers and information. She will videotape all this information, you’ll see them. And she’ll catch all the long lines on the video for you. Take a look!


RLM said...

Judy Stout - real cool and nice lady!


Sheri A Farinha said...

Awesome watching you Judy!Hope we see a true win for America tonight! xo

Katrina Rogers said...

Hey Judy! My eyes popped when I saw your name and face in DVTV! Great seeing you, my childhood buddy! Can't believe there was a terribly long line while here in my local, there wasn't no line at all at neighborhood Church and the weather was just perfect. Sorry, but at least we voted! Great job, Judy! :)