Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leah Katz-Hernandez: Booths at Polling Places


Hello! Here I am! This is Leah, reporting from where? The Clopper Mill Elementary School in Montgomery County, Maryland my home area. Now the voting lines are getting long. The booths and everything are over there in the building. The Democratic Partys booth is here, a little separate from the lines. The voters can walk over here if theyre interested in our stuff. But we dont bother them. Its all volunteer work here. What do we give them? We give them information, about the Democratic candidates. Such as this Those three are the Congressional district candidates. And down here, Obama and Biden. What is this piece of paper? Its called a SAMPLE BALLOT. Its purpose is to encourage you to vote for the Democratic Party by giving you a visual sample ballot of who to vote for. So that you may be clear on whom youre going to vote for, understand and go into the booth knowing exactly whos the right person to vote for not the wrong person! And also we have information about local ballot motions, that people dont support or encourage you to vote for. Heres an example of no support: Three Good Reasons to Vote NO on Question B Bad policy, cutting of finances/funding, and increasing class sizes in schools. This one talks about education, obviously. See this flyer? The apple reminds you of school, right? The information related to educational motions is printed here. Today is such a historical day! Judy Stout, who I work with, says that shes never seen such a huge line before especially out into the street! The lines used to not be so bad; sometimes, thered be no lines and people would just walk in and out. But, wow, lines out into the street! Never seen that before. Amazing. Its a historical day. I feel really inspired to be here. Thank you!

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