Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Tonight was awesome! Too many things happened! Here’s a little list of what happened and what I do indeed HAVE videos of, from just today:

  • Hillary Clinton’s speech ASLized through my interpreter
  • Bill Clinton in person
  • Exclusive access on ground floor of DNC
  • A view of the “Boiler Room” (the internal organs of the DNC’s functionality)
  • A VIP peek inside CNN’s Grill
  • Gallaudet students filmed on CNN

And my blog has been getting attention from the following media:

1) The Washington Post

2) BBC

3) CNN

Some excerpts from wonderful supportive emails I’ve gotten:

Email #1:

I have to tell ya that you are doing great job with your blog. It does give me insider's view that I can’t get from major newspaper about DNC.

Email # 2:

i'm telling you -- you guys are inspirational!

and your comments about creating the voting bloc among Deaf people is on the target!

Email # 3 (and this was the most inspirational email of the day):

Looks like you are having a fantastic experience at the DNC! My daughter… has watched some of your recent vlogs and she wants to know how she can get involved in the campaign this fall.

I’ll sum this entry up by explaining one business card I received at the media party few days ago. On it was the question: “Will Journalism be Done by You or by Them?”

And… This blog is an example of YOU-Media!!!!

Thank you all! You are truly the fire that keeps me going on! Keep the support up!



1 comment:

Ridor said...

I'm rooting for y'all, Leah!

SOSOSOSOSO THRILLED for this to happen. It is nice to be part of this even I'm not there, blogging is powerful medium that truly opens the doors for Deaf communities.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for blogging. This is outstanding blog to start with!



P.S. What article is it in The Washington Post? I wanna see it!