Thursday, August 21, 2008

IMPORTANT: DeafCampaign2008's Status on Deafread


I explain in ASL about DeafCampaign2008's status on DeafRead, why it's important for you to get the deaf perspective information on DNC 2008, and how you can visit it on your own.


Hello! I am in my pajamas right now and wearing my “Campaign 2008” shirt. I have to go to sleep early tonight because I will be getting up at 5am tomorrow. I will be making my way to the Conference Center at 5:30 am to start work. I have to keep my job information private for security reasons.

I want to talk with you now about DeafCampain2008’s status on Deafread.

Not all entries will be on DeafRead. Every night I am working hard to type up entries for the site full of important political information for Deaf people like you. For example, things like DNC 2008, or otherbig political events. News channels normally send hearing crews to go and film the events and gather information. My work is to provide you with the Deaf perspective on these political events. It is important for me to do this so that Deaf people can become more involved and well informed about political issues that impact them. This will help us become stronger together as a community. Again, not all entries will be on DeafRead. Only entries that have information that is specifically Deaf-related will be found on DeafRead. Other important, more general political information will be on Deafcampain2008’s blog. If you are interested in this information go directly to our blog site at Do check this blog on a daily basis because we update it frequently with information for you!
Thank you.



Jennifer said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing the information about DNC 2008! There'll be several Colorado Deaf leaders attending the events next week!

RLM said...

Congrats! We finally have deaf observers and reporters on the scene of the national political convention(s)!

How will we know that we receive non-bias newsreportings from you?

Will you go to the GOP convention in St. Paul, MN?

FYI, the national political conventions are purely the "pony and dog show", not really the convention in any sense. I surely miss the past poltiical convention coverages before 1992.

I am neither impressed with any presidential candidates. What about covering Ralph Nader's presidential campaign and other independent party candidates?

I am really sick of the party dupoly!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

dez40 said...

I wonder if you can take picture of your group that are involve DNC 2008. Also, What is agenda that DNC Delgate decide for 2008-2012? Will you keep up the news-pics-etc... from start to end of DNC 2008.
I think it is awesome for Gally students involve in 2008 DNC! It will big tools for your students learn alot and share with Deaf people-communities.
I wish it can link to NAD and State Chapter's email system or their website.
They need know more about politic issues and moneyraise to support DNC 2012 or future.
I hope more university-college for Deaf students join DNC in future!
I wonder if there is possible have Media TV from Gally on TV Channel.

You, Gally Students should be proud have this V-log/Blog.

Jeff from Wisconsin