Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top 5 Injuries of DNC 2008

At every event, there's always something that comes up or goes awry. I thought perhaps you'd like to know this, since you're enjoying so much the unique perspective that takes you behind the scenes!! Here's a "Top 5" list that gives you the REAL idea of what working in campaigns, national conventions, or politics is like!!

Top 5 Injuries

1) Paper cuts!! Especially if you're working in the office, handling with massive amounts of print-outs... Or if you're working with organizing, sorting out, and handing out the banners and signs.

2) Sleep Deprivation. This isn't really an injury but it's true that working for campaigns, national conventions, or inside politics is NOT for the weak or whiny. I often get up between 5 or 6 AM to begin work and I'll sleep around 2 AM. Others have even worse sleep hours than I do. Mostly, its because people are always just working around the clock all the time.

3) Bruises. From pure excitement. People are running around and being excited or busy or they seriously HAVE to pass this important paper/message/equipment to another person at another end of the building. It isn't what I'd call chaos but people are definitely bustling about with high energy AND high speed! So it's inevitable that sometimes, people crash into a lolling cart, bump into each other, or get hit by a piece of equipment. It's all accidents.

4) Hoarse throat. You're often yelling and cheering at these events. And when you're on the TV, naturally you want to yell/cheer even louder! Or you're incessantly talking all the times, due to your job. Maybe you're the anchorman/woman. Maybe you're a reporter. Maybe you're a captain or manager telling your team what to do. Maybe you're an interpreter (ha). In any case, water is always one of the most important things to have with you when you're in a place like this.

5) Sore feet. There's no argument on this one!! People are up and walking/running around all the time, everyday. Yet one of the crucial points of these major political conventions is that you always want to make a good first impression. And in order to do that, you dress up. I've worn heels on the job and suffered the consequences. I've also watched my fellow male co-workers groan about their dress shoes pinching them. However, we're not the only ones putting up with feet pain - I really feel sorry for these anchorwomen in the teeny stilettos!

In spite of these "injuries" - the rewards of working with campaigns, national conventions, or politics far outweigh the cons. I didn't even notice the paper cuts on my hands until I put soap on it (OUCH!!). The pure energy, buzz, and excitement of being truly INVOLVED and seeing everything live and up-front is something that you will keep with you for the rest of your life. It's a truly wonderful experience. And it's a lot of FUN, trust me!!

So, I encourage you to get out and join up with a campaign!

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RLM said...

I am a big fan of Donna Brazille for her rational discussions.

I always seen Donna on "This Week" on ABC other Sunday mornings.