Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jacob Leffler: Reaction to the Media Party!!


Hi, we're at Elitch Gardens for the Media Party. Oh my gosh, everything is free! Beer, food, wine, you name it -- it's all free! This is a massive party at an amusement park. Isn't that impressive? The dazzling lights and the colors of the rides are all beautiful. The media and the delegates who arrived early are here. Recently, we watched a speech and met Senator Ken Salazar, from Colorado. He truly encouraged the deaf people to get involved with politics and to get involved with the candidates' campaigns! WOW, it's a great experience! Remember, I said before in a Vlog that this will be a "rich experience"? This is TRULY a RICH experience!! Yeaaaaaa!!

1 comment:

Ridor said...

I have a dying question to ask -- you said free food, wine, beer ... everything at the amusement park?!

Wow. So do you see drunk people wearing their dresses/suits riding up and down the roller coasters?

Inquiring minds want to know!