Sunday, August 24, 2008

Barack Obama Knows Basic Sign Language!

Today during work, I was talking with my interpreter while things were quiet for a moment. She mentioned that she was watching the news coverage of the first Obama/Biden rally in Springfield and saw him signing “thank you” to a group of deaf people who were in attendance. I was surprised and pleased, remembering my previous experience meeting with Obama in person. He seemed very friendly to the deaf people.

Then I came home and worked hard on my blog. I happened to check DeafRead and saw this title “OBAMA SIGNED ‘THANK YOU’ TO DEAF MAN!” Here is the link:

Guess my interpreter wasn’t the only one who noticed! I wonder if anyone has a clip of it that may be posted on YouTube? That would be great!

- Leah


USA Deaf Track Field said...

Not to say that it is no big deal, but, it does take more than just Thank You for one to "Know" sign language.

I do hope Obama can really sign in conversational way.

Keep us posted on whether or not he does know more than just Thank You sign.


Steven said...

How suppose I trust him?

Basically, "Thank You" that George W. Bush used to say same thing this part to draw more attentions. From the moment he served as president of America, he changed alot and he wasn't himself as what all were expected.

SO, do you think Obama going do that way same thing what Bush been treated all of us?

I am not pointing him out but just wanted to be SURE that he is the right person that can believes in change instead of playing with the "WAR" toys and leave Americans behind.

By the way, it would be NICE to know that our new president who know basic in America Sign Language.


Beaux Arts de Boutjean said...
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Beaux Arts de Boutjean said...

Curious -- Who taught sign language to him? Would you know?

billcreswell said...

I skimmed through several different broadcasts, and didn't see it.

It might help to know at what point he did it

(opening, middle, exit)

poshasfuck said...

Does Obama know more signs than just "Thank You"? In fairness, Thank you isn't that hard to sign. Our President here in Ireland has a Deaf brother.

She knows more than just "Thank You", when she was announced she won the presidency she signed Thank You to everyone instead of talking. Also after her second term inauguration cermony, I was one of the lucky ones to attend. She came around the Castle, met us, stopped and signed to us. She said "It's great that you are here today, I love seeing my Deaf friends." No hesitation in her signs at all.

isabella said...

My niece and nephew can choose asl as a language in school, maybe he learned from his children! Grin!

I have a friend who made cool Obama ASL shirts...
I am just hoping that he wins!


savorysalt said...

I am not hearing impaired, and therefore perhaps have no right to comment. But I think it admirable and a good thing that Obama both acknowledged, and attempted to communicate with the supporter. Even if he knows no other words.

cynthia said...

Here's the video clip if anyone's still curious.