Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Night of DNC 2008 Through Deaf Eyes

Tonight we had the first series of speeches celebrating the Democratic Party and Barack Obama’s upcoming nomination. I was lucky enough to work inside the Pepsi Center, on the second floor! I could see a lot of what was going on and I had an interpreter with me so she interpreted all of the speeches.

WOW! Let me give you my observations… The first comparison in my mind was that it was just like the pep-rallies of my high school days at a deaf school for homecoming – only multiplied fifty thousand times MORE! There was such an indelible sense of excitement, patriotism, and rallying. There were thousands of people and the convention floor was PACKED! People were cheering, waving signs, yelling, and smiling! So many people came to this event from all across America and internationally, too. I felt truly honored and excited to be part of this and to be able to really see everything up-front and LIVE.

I took many pictures and videos. I can’t upload my pictures because I was stupid enough to leave the uploader cord home. However, you can enjoy the videos and vlogs!

I’d also like to say that this blog is getting more attention now. I talked today to a news anchorman from Colorado and he seemed quite interested in the UNIQUE perspective of DNC 2008. I network frequently with other bloggers and media people when I can. This blog is now featured on Gallaudet’s blog “Inside Gallaudet” in the article “Gallaudet students plunging into the political process”


I’m also beginning to be featured on other blogs and get emails about this blog’s information. DNC2008: The Deaf Perspective is beginning to truly snowball its influence! However…

Only YOU can truly prove the ultimate impact of this blog by registering to vote for this year’s election!

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Jared Evans said...

Congrats on getting your message out to the media and other politicians. They need to hear from us more often and the convention is a great way to get to them all. This is a great step forward for Deaf people!

Am keeping an eye on your blog!

-A proud Democrat