Monday, August 18, 2008


This blog will cover the DEAF perspective for the Presidential Academic Seminar and the Democratic National Convention 2008.

This year, eight Gallaudet University students are now at Denver for the Democratic National Convention with two professors from the Government Department mentioned above. We are here in Denver, as our university begins school in Washington DC, to participate with the Presidential Academic Seminar and the Democratic National Convention.

What exactly is the Presidential Academic Seminar? It is the only national academic program for college students overseen by The Washington Center, a specific organization based in Washington DC that “provides internship programs of exceptional quality and services that students in any major field would be able to earn a full semester’s worth of credit from their home institution.” (1) It is especially unique because The Washington Center is non-partisan about the conventions and has been organizing seminars for both conventions. Since the program’s establishment in 1984, the number of students attending both conventions for fieldwork has steadily climbed from just 20 students to over 450 students and 50 faculty members in 2008! (2)

Since the 1980's, Gallaudet University has been imparting exceptional experience and learning opportunities to its students by enabling the Government Department to send students and faculty members to the Democratic National Convention. As you read this, be aware that it’s an exciting time to take classes in the Government/Political Science Department. This fall, we’ll have the Election. Opportunities will rise up for experience, learning, and yes – fun! The students currently in Denver are Amy Speer, Joel Garcia, Andrew Magill, James Reynolds, Hamad Alhamad, Olivia Liang, Jake Leffler, and I. As I am writing this, it’s only the first day – but I can already tell that it’ll be the experience of a lifetime!

We are proud to be here and want to share our experience with you. Thank you for reading this blog!


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2) Page 11, Campaign 2008 Presidential Academic Seminar Handbook

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