Saturday, August 23, 2008

Leah Katz-Hernandez: The Benefits of Volunteering


Hi. Now we are at the Pepsi Center. It's where the whole convention will happen at. See all this! I want to emphasize, THAT is the reason why you should get involved with the political campaigns, volunteer, and more -- because you will get ACCESS. Whoa -- see, all these people are bustling about; it's pretty busy here with all the preparation for the BIG convention next week. Anyway, if you get involved with the campaigns... you will get access. And access means what? You will get a lot of information --you'll get to learn a lot of things. And that means what? You'll reap the benefits for yourself and you'll earn richer benefits for your deaf community. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Really Proud of you... why not share more vlogs with us? We want to learn from your wonderful experience!

RLM said...

I strongly disagree! Volunteering at political campaigns could be really ungrateful which campaign organizers and pols are very disorganized with their campaigns.

Pros and cons about volunteering at political campaigns. I done for Sen. Bill Bradley to complete the community service requirements if not for the wrongful arrest with false accusation from pigs (law enforcement officers and WMATA from being sued for violated my civil rights under the ADA law, etc.

Sen. Bill Bradley and I did have several private conversations and showed his true appreciation for my volunteer time. The Bradley people were very nice ones.

I also volunteered for several political campaigns including Sen. Robb of VA which I felt sorry for him and his faltering re-election Senate campaign.

I rather not waste my own time to volunteer for any political campaign until I get paid for my time.

I could be in the business of political consultation, but keep reminded of 'Power" 80s movie with Richard Gere. How true!

Y still do not answer my questions whether you will be non-biased when come to the news reportings at the DNC and GOP convention.

Y must prove yourself to be real worthy to do the news reporting coverage of both political conventions or you really adhere to your own ideology and political agenda. Comprendo?

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Leah Katz-Hernandez said...

RLM, I have answered your questions in my most recent entry. Please try to be more tactful in your future comments and use more appropriate tone or I will have to delete them. Consider this as a warning.

Beaux Arts de Boutjean said...


Oh, I wish I could be there! Caroline Kennedy told Tom Brokaw at "Meet the Press" this morning that she and many Kennedys would be there (Ted Kennedy needs to rest at Hyannis Port, understandable). So I hope you will take a lot of photos of the Kennedys for your blog on DeafRead. Enjoy yourself as much as you can at the DNC!