Sunday, September 27, 2009

South Korea Association of the Deaf - Amazing Video!

* The video is captioned*

Thank you, Hee-Kyung Cho "Choy" of South Korea for sharing this with us! Deaf South Koreans are inspirational to all of us worldwide!

This video was supposed to be posted up in June but due to my internship and other things that kept me busy, I was not able to upload it until recently. I hope you all enjoy it. We all must keep the values of being an involved citizen in our countries, no matter if we are deaf or hearing.

As Justin Dart would say, You have the power! Lead on!

- Leah


cripchick said...

wow! mrs. dart emailed me your blog link and this is awesome! have been hearing that south korean disability activists are super radical and am so curious to learn more abt strategies they use. thank you for sharing.

ari introduced us very briefly in the hallway at ivory towers, looking forward to reading your blog. just added you on twitter.

lead on (and rock on) :)

Nhelson Bolaños said...

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Nhelson Bolaños said...

Chris said...

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