Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Deaf Perspective Returns for Another Year!


Wow, the summer has passed already?? In case you were wondering where I had gone, I was at the Capitol Hill nearly all summer. I had an internship with the House of Representatives Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's (D-MD) office, participating in the AAPD's internship program. It was a truly wonderful experience. I'd like to thank my internship sponsor, Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, for helping make this exceptional opportunity possible. I'd also like to thank Andy Imparato at AAPD, Mrs. Yoshiko Dart, and Rayna Aylward at MEAF. I have some surprises coming up for you this fall, some big projects. Keep tuned in to The Deaf Perspective!

You know what I have always stood for - for community activism, participation in the political process, and being a strong stakeholder wherever you are in America and worldwide. Each individual is ultimately an ambassador for the deaf community to the world. We can and should not continue to be delegated to the image of deaf people being dependent, weak, and unable to participate. That is a myth and I strive to shatter that every single day!

I'm returning with a bang - guess where I am right now? At Gallaudet University's GUKCC auditorium, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the finalists for Gallaudet University's next President!

Gallaudet University is such a strong, proud, and determined beacon in the world for deaf education. I wish the University the best and Gallaudet University will always remain my home at heart.

- Leah

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