Wednesday, September 9, 2009

President Obama's Health Care Address Will Be Live-Captioned Online

Score one for accessibility in New Media world! Tonight's major "make-or-break" speech will be captioned.

Watch the Live Captioned Webcast of the President’s Health Care Address to Congress at

Be sure to watch it and rate it. What do you think?? Debate health care as interested and involved participants that we all are.

I'm extremely pleased to see that steps are being taken to ensure greater accessibility in a modern age when we are becoming increasingly dependent on New Media. As with all changes, there are pros and cons to the hyper-connected world of blogging, twittering, vlogging, live-feeds, RSS, and all that. But if there is going to be change, we better make sure it's at least accessible.

Will you watching the address tonight? I will be!

- Leah

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MM said...

I watch with interest, since opponents are using our system as the 'bad example' of an inclusive health system. Obama has reason for looking to our systems because his mother's life was saved via treatment from it, despite obviously not paying into it at all :)

The British NHS IS a monster that eats up year on year on year billions via provisions of health care from cradle to grave for all comers.... mostly ! we are moving to prevent migrant use without very severe restriction, and health tourism we want eradicated, because the demands are depriving us OF health care,via translation support etc, and treating 3rd world health issues we thought we had got rid of years ago.

British also expect not only free care at every stage and at any time, but very ezpensive medications as and when they come in too, which may well cost thousands of pounds per week (Sterling), to provide.

Realistically and as a Brit I cannot see this continuing, because the eventual costs via taxations etc will cripple the Brit economy at some stage, we see already many 'rationalisations' of care as it is, because the money is not there to sustain a free-for-all.

Less and less is being put in to the Brit system because many are out of work, and the money comes from nowhere else, although I would think they utilise road taxes and everything else to prop uo the health system at present..

Britain is a very sick country too, there are whole areas and popualations who do not work and are not able to, and state support and health is all that keeps them going. Those areas are spreading. Some of those areas have 40% plus unemployed, they obviously cannot provide taxes...

The fact remains most Brits are still willing to bankrupt the UK to maintain free health care, they feel no-one should ever be turned away who is sick, just because they are poor, so I am a minority view !