Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Voter Registration Drive at Gallaudet!

On Monday, September 22nd we had a massive voter registration drive at Gallaudet University. As a result, over 150 students were registered to vote for the first time. It was hugely successful and we are very proud of our hard work. Nothing feels better than looking at the face of a person who has just registered to vote and his or her expression is one of inspiration and American spirit. “I’ve become a full citizen now!”

Here are some pictures from the voter registration drive.

The entire thing took from 2 to 5 pm and it was located at the MultiPurpose room of Student Academic Building at Gallaudet University

Professor Frances Marquez hard at work registering new voters.

Victoria LeBlanc with author, blogger, and temporary professor Josh Swiller.

This would not have been possible without both the Rock the Vote and Long Distance Voter websites.

With the deadlines coming up closer and closer, it's all the more urgent that you not only register to vote yourself but also actively encourage other people to register to vote. For the past two weeks, I've been on a sort of personal mission to register as many people as possible. I encouraged people to go to voter registration. I picked on my little brother (who turned 18 only last June) until he registered and then I bragged about it. I went to a voter registration drive for Asian Americans at an Asian community festival and helped register three Asian Pacific Association members from Gallaudet. And I've been walking around with my laptop, always ready to register to vote anybody at any time.

How can you personally help the registration process or host your own voter registration drive?

1) Research!

This website has all the information on each state in America, the deadlines, the addresses, and even forms ready to be downloaded and printed out. Very useful. It's extremely critical that you know where to mail them and do it before the DEADLINE of the respective state!

The most simple voter registration website out there. All you need to do is fill out the online form, print it out, and mail it!

2) Have lots of supplies ready

You need all of the following: laptop, printer, paper, envelopes, stamps, pens and markers (for the envelope)

3) Follow the process

First you find the state. Print out the forms after the online registration. Then if you plan on using absentee ballots, print out the absentee ballot form. Put both (or only the registration if you plan to vote at your home location) in an envelope. Find the proper address to mail it to, write the address on the envelope, put the stamps on it, and mail it!

How easy is it?? It's truly very simple but it's a very powerful way to take the first step towards making your voice heard. Our biggest goal is a voting bloc and through this Gallaudet voter registration drive, we're now 150 votes closer to that goal. You can take the matters in your own hands and add more votes toward the great Deaf Voting Bloc!

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