Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joel Garcia: The Deaf Box


Hello, Im Joel Garcia and I'm a Gallaudet University student. Here we are at the SLCC building its nice and luxurious. Now, I would like to explain about The Deaf Box. Whats that? In a box, you have great benefits, resources, leadership, talent, and many other great things. However, remember to acknowledge that outside the box there are hearing people who look at us and wonder whats up with that? What are we doing in the box? All you need to do is bring that outside and expose, teach, and help them. The hearing people will learn something. All you the deaf people need to do is just expose to them that we have leadership within deaf people, have resources, and excellent talent all that in our community. The hearing people will be intrigued and want to work with us. That collaboration is good and very important. Now you must always keep in mind that in the deaf box, we hold dear so much values, language, and diversity yes that is fine. But you must think outside the box. You can bring what you have outside the box in order to expose and help the world so to create more benefit for us all. So, its really important for you to think outside the box. Have a good day!


moi said...

Couldn't the same be said for any other minority group? I'm learning things from my African-American friends that I'd never known about before, like rent parties and other cultural norms. We women know that there are things unique to our gender that men just don't get.

So I think that this whole post is sort of, duh, yeah, we need to cherish what makes us unique as a group while remaining aware of the majority culture/group.

Leah Katz-Hernandez said...

Joel and I had a very good discussion after returning to Gallaudet. It was quite an experience for us to be back on a deaf campus after all the hoopla at DNC. It made us realize all the more powerfully how indeed it's truly valuable that we were both able to "go outside the box" and experience working at DNC because that wasn't just to our benefit... it was to the hearing people who were exposed to us' benefit, too.

So, yes you're right - it's a general topic regarding "thinking outside the box" that could very well be applied to other minority groups. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't take the concept seriously as a group ourselves. We truly owe it to our community to educate those outside.

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