Friday, September 5, 2008

A New Direction

Hello all,

I know I promised to update about INVESCO soon after the last post, but after the long flight there were repercussions – jetlag, sheer exhaustion, catching up for one week worth of missed classes, additional homework and paperwork for Gallaudet, and of course having in-person ASL conversations with a zillion people about my DNC experience. It’s good to be back home, yet at the same time I wished in some ways that my DNC experience could last forever. That was how wonderful it felt to be there.

Here are the posts that were meant to be updated a week ago. They are not the light posts you expected but rather heavy ones with serious subject matter and requiring some thought and, ultimately, action on your part.

Now, I’d like to talk about the new direction this blog is taking. I’ve decided that this blog is simply too much fun to stop with the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention. The attention my blog has received is proof that the new media – the kind of media that the deaf people have come to master since we first learned the impact of blogs and vlogs – is extremely efficient in getting information out and for grassroots activism. Therefore, I will continue this blog. Because this blog will no longer just focus on DNC, the title will now be simply “The Deaf Perspective.”

The direction will now be more generalized after DNC – but the theme will remain the same: Activism. New media. The importance of deaf population’s participation within our government.

I have my own political leanings, but I will try my best to ensure that this blog is non-partisan to ensure that the information is inclusive to ALL of the deaf population, regardless of their political bias. I hope that this blog will ultimately become so substantial with information regarding deaf people and political participation that it will serve as a resource for the deaf people seeking to make changes in their worlds and the greater sphere that we all cohabit together… for the greater good.

Best of all – this blog will continue to be completely accessible and bi-lingual with both ASL and English posts! J

- Leah