Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kicking off the Deaf International Politics Series!


It has become the norm for this blog to go through "series" of special focus - I have taken you along on my journey of experiences in the political landscape from Democratic National Convention 2008 through the campaign season of Election 2008 all the way to Inauguration experience. It seems to me that doing series is a successful way for me to share experiences and perspectives with all of you, my readers. I shall not stop doing this.

Now, I'm proud to say that I will unveil new series for this blog beginning NOW about the international "deaf perspective" on politics.

I already expressed a desire to branch out more about the deaf perspective on politics in the international field. Globalism is increasingly part of undeniable reality and everything is intertwined, interconnected nowadays. I am positive that it will be eye-opening, educational, and benefical for us to look at the deaf perspective from international deaf on politics and I will seek out to bring that perspective to you.

Excellent way to begin all of this - I proudly proclaim to all of you that it is the first time that World Federation for the Deaf's Youth Section has come to Gallaudet University for the first time as an official delegation! We welcome them to America and I look forward to sharing with you their perspectives. The delegation consists of WFDYS' board members and has representatives from:

South Korea

Look forward to vlogs in multi-languages (native language, native signed language, American Sign Language, and English) in upcoming week!

- Leah

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